Bazaarvoice is a platform for brands and retailers to display customer reviews and social content on their sites.
Paid Placement
Supporting lead generation with digital ads is an ongoing effort for any marketing team. Design success requires top-notch collaboration, i.e. active listening, a thorough creative brief, and thoughtful execution. This attention to detail will not only catch the target's attention — thanks to snappy visuals and on-point messaging — but entice click-through action. 
To conduct A/B testing, designers frequently need to output multiple sets for a singular campaign, demanding skilled efficiency and prioritization. Due to the volume of artwork required for many campaigns, templates and smart systems are a must. (2022)
Owned Channels
Various banner images for owned placements such as, the brand's social channels, email, and presentations. (2020-2022)
Case Study Heroes
Customer success stories are valuable and evergreen marketing tools. As senior designer, I was responsible for developing hero images featured on and used across other owned channels such as email, social, print, and presentations.
As part of my creative process, I ensured a thorough understanding of:  1) the client's business or industry and 2) how Bazaarvoice helped solve a critical business problem. I then married relevant client visuals with the specific Bazaarvoice solution(s) highlighted in the case study. (2020-2022)
Social Media
Design and art direction for selected Bazaarvoice social content. ​​​​​​
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