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The infographics below are top-of-funnel campaign pieces for lead generation via social, brand site, and partner sites. Each topic was further expanded upon using mid-funnel activities such as webinars, case studies, e-books, or demos. Within the Bazaarvoice Studio, our design process was such that the designer of the marquee asset was also responsible for producing all related campaign assets. Examples of this can be seen in the meta banners and social content in the Banners & Social gallery. (2022)
Texas Hospitals Association
Founded in 1930, the Texas Hospital Association (THA) is now one of the largest hospital associations in the country, representing more than 85 percent of the state’s acute-care hospitals and health care systems, which employ more than 400,000 health care professionals statewide. 
Texas Hospitals Magazine
For more than 77 years, Texas Hospitals was the official magazine of THA. Published six times per year, the magazine focused on news, information, and thought leadership related to Texas hospitals and priority issues impacting health care. 
In 2017, I became the designer of "Snapshot," a recurring infographic at the close of the magazine. Topics and content type varied; some being strictly statistical, while others were processes or educational narratives. The client delivered written copy and I was charged with distilling the text and creating engaging visuals to simplify the topics for at-a-glance comprehension. "Snapshot" was intentionally set apart from the parent brand.
My creative role soon grew to include the entire publication with four features, six regular columns, and "Snapshot." Browse alternate sections of Texas Hospitals in the Magazine gallery. (2017-2022)
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